Monday, December 18, 2006

1 year and 2months

After waiting several months I make my first entry other than a test. Whoo hoo... Nothing really exciting to write, but hopefully I can make this my ffxi main blog...or start to....or just make it a ranting diary >.>;;
Looking back.....
1 year and 2months. Didnt actually think I'd make it past a year, couldnt really imagine myself where I am now.

2001: If only my dorm and FFXI back then, when the service started several years ago were compatible
--Customer service: "I'm afriad some dorms do now allow...."insert definition for multi player stuff cause of security reasons"
--Me: ".......I see" D:
Sep2005~ Feb2006: I probably raced through the Zilart and Promy missions, just to get my frustration out of not being able to play for the past 4 several years. Basically shouting my lungs out throughout Jeuno, the Zilart, Promy, and Sandy missions were completed by 2006 Feb. Not bad considering a f**king noob still. Much of my motivation to lvl, surprisingly came to asshole-ish peeps (NA's) who liked to diss noobs outright....Yakoo, etc.. And no I dont hold back names unless I have an obligation to do so for other pple involved or owe them that much. Most gear were either borrowed or gimped at this time, but didnt really care since it was whm >.> Much of the farmings went to buying the needed meds for the missions. I guess not many pple cared for whm gear as long as I kept my cures and haste and enfeebs going.

I had to keep on reminding myself that, lest I get envious and depressed of what some other pple had >.> Im only human. Now recently in lower lvl parties, I've see some with fabulous gear (ala pple of a famous odin HNM) and yet they play.....well not-so faboo.(though it probably differs on the individual) Lvl40s Garlaige was I think my last one. War with alllll this +1 +HQQQQQ gear, you would think they would know how to swap gears. If you got the best att+++++ gear you can afford at your lvl then you most likely gonna get hate for a while after your WS. Spare the mages some MP and switch your -100 EVA gear to at least a +1 EVA will ya...and voke when the tank keeps on getting hit yo? (seriously. I think I heard the gears crying...)
Hopefully I can find some interesting blogs to link to if I can find any fellow FF-ers :p

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