Friday, November 30, 2007

End of the Mission

Well at last several days ago I was able to clear the Aht urghan mission. For this mission I've actually had about 7? last boss fights, 2 for me and the other 5 for a friend. Both were close calls but I guess we had some luck during my own run and it was just all out smoother.

During my friends run PLD/RNG/RDM/BLM/BLM/BRD. Had some trouble with the BLU fight since we tried the stun method. So many close calls, one shots, and excess time on the BLU. The end fight we had only 17 min. on Alexander, and won with say... about 15 sec left with the BLM using a vile elixir+1, and 2 nukes. It wasnt what you would call the smoothest fight but it was downright exciting, especially in that last 15 secs

My own run went rather smoothly on the other hand with PLD/BLU/WAR/WHM/BLM/RDM. I was the PLD but it felt rather funny since I had not been on it for about nearly a year. My PLD gear was all in sandy, and I was lucky enough that I hadnt muled the important ones. The first run had some bad luck when the BLU one shoted the WAR and PLD(me) continuously. So the WHM used Repose(?), slept him and we all warped out. Next fight went smooth. I cant say how much our BLU's stun, the BLM's stun, and especially the WHM's Repose helped us out. I'll have to try out Repose myself next time.
So the BLU fight is past and we go on to Mr. Alex. Got rid of that first stage fast enough and the last stage starts. Everything goes smooth and I'm rather surprised at how much hate I am able to keep, considering I get hit alot (regardless of my self curing) and the BLM is nuking alot. Alex spared us alot of his AoE's I think, tho I'm not quite certain due to my filters. Most of the decreasing HP was either me(pld), BLU, or the BLM.

Sanction, refresh, the parade gorget, and that convert-dmg-into-mp earring also did big time on my MP, which almost never ran out. (LoLElvaanMP) Overall went smooth but again we had like only 5min. till time ran out. Why so little time left when it went so smooth? This was due to the BLM dying once and freezing upon reraise. So he was like stuck there dead unable to RR, and finally had to restart his PC, this which took about a whole 10min. The BLM was the main DD next to the BLU, so about 10 min. passed where all we did were just try to stay alive while the others hacked away miniscule HP from Alex. Overall it was fun but after doing it 7 times or so it seemed alot of luck played into this. >.<;

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Whats goin on in Vana

'Piss-me-off-less', was actually the title of this RDM pic lol. I hate being RDM, but their costumes are sooo drawable its nice. And they both qualify for melee and magic poses, it gives the artist a wider range of imagination for their poses.^^ I think I like the sword and shield concept which is also available for PLDs but they seem to have a more 'bulky' image so I prefer the sleek RDM over PLD if I had a choice to draw. (heh maybe its my seeker loving nature >.>;;) I still havent drawn alot but I was angry at the time of these drawings so anger helped a TON. Very interesting.

Its pretty much still hot in Hawaii, and Im missing the JP coldness. School will be starting again next spring year so still pondering if I should wait or just register now. I want to earn some money for a PC but I know that I'd have to severely limit either school or work to do this. Currently working part time at a tour company (yesh its jp!) which is, quite boring, and quite stressfull, but I've learned to do away the customers with a big smile. Hurray, I think that I get that smile from my mom lol... This is about 4 times a week so that leaves a limited time for all other things >.< Naturally being the money hungry slob that I am, I've applied for another job as a local flight stewardess, if possible to replace my current tour company. Being on airplanes at least twice a year since I was a baby, I think I know what to expect to a degree. Then again its probably only the tip of the iceberg...

So much change will be going in these couple of months for me :/ Half of me is kind of rushing myself. My B-day just passed and in a few good years I'll have a '3' in the first digit of my age D: (oh noes!) So by then I want a decent (hopefully full time) job that has the needed benefits of retirement and all that shit lol at least before I end up being age 30 leeching on my parents with a part time job still then. Well... unless I get picked up by a rich little guy as a bride. Um... yeah...*cough* sry guys, >.> ask most girls and theyll say so too, even if it IS a joke lol.