Sunday, February 04, 2007

The NA and the JP

Things I find in FF that are just weirdly amusing in FF is their behavior.
(I speak both JP/NA)
For a long time, I'd usually choose JP over NA but my recent joining in a new LS has probably changed that idea completly. (NA will include any non-JP below, Im just rounding it up)

I admit all races can have a jerk or two...or three ...or a dozen >.> But overall NA seem ALOT more friendler. In terms of online manners, I think I'd side with the JP on that, from an overall point of view that is. I'm not saying this applies to all cause the NA friends I have, I know to be really nice pple, great to joke around with, fun to be with, easygoing, and makes FFXI worthwhile. But when lvling in the dunes, the sore thumb just sticks out bad whether it be all NA, all JP, all something else(>.>?), or a mix.
In a normal pt I find it easier to stick with the JP on average, more so cause their easier to talk to and I can relate a bit more to their 'humour' and their joking around. In my opinion I think this is possible because its a short time meet, nothing too complicated, thus easy to make friends.

The tables kind of turn when your in a LS. Probably because the society is different. I have both NA, JP, and now a mixed LS and I find it much more relaxing to associate with the NA. Now, I said that society probably has alot to with this because in Japan, the social order is rather strict compared to the U.S. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad, sometimes its just suffocating. A good easy example would be school. I myself graduated from a U.S. school and when your making friends and having a good time, age doesnt really matter. Of course, etiquette comes in from time to time but thats normal, respect your elders etc. But if your in a school in Japan, expect yourself to be in a Indian cast system. Seriously. Anyone who is older than you, anyone who has more experience than you in a certain field, you speak to them like your speaking to a superior. (but in return the reputation of the younger peeps will sometimes affect those of the elders. Similar to a company) Most of the time it will just stay that way however long you know them. Rarely will you be able to speak to them as you can speak to others of the same age.

This is mostly the reason I find myself easier to associate with the NA when in a LS. It just takes double, triple the time it does to be 'accepted' by JP, than it will with an NA, in a LS (ala a mini society). The JP shell I reside in now, I've been in it for about a year and a half. I love it, its fun, but it took well over half a year for me to feel 'at home' there. 'At home' I mean by being able to use the terms like 'hihi!' 'can I...' 'could you...' or just poke them with a sharp stick for fun, instead of the earlier terms I used like 'Hello' 'May I...' 'Would you...'. The NA shell on the other hand took about 1-2 months, maybe not 2 but just to get used to the pple and the air of the LS. Mostly because I didnt really see a need to talk to pple like I'm talking to the president of a company.

The same can be applied to the recent mixed LS I have joined. I have to admit its way easier for me to talk to the NA members at this time because I feel like I'm talking to a long time FFXI player and not a CEO of a company. I assume its going to take me about a year maybe more to be 'accepted' by the JP members in this LS, at least enough for me to be able to joke around and actually get a responce. I still have a long ways till I can ease out the the polite language usage. Of course, I've gotten advice as to 'try to talk more in japanese', but if I dont get a responce, its a bit hard and there really isnt much thats possible. So here again I find myself going back and talking english. I realize its not exactly the best way to start out, because of the fact I can speak japanese, they dont think too highly of it if I use too much english (the JP side that is). Right now it feels like a group of new friends(NA) and employers(JP) I guess my goal right now is to be able to ease up in half a year with the JP members here. :)