Thursday, November 15, 2007

Whats goin on in Vana

'Piss-me-off-less', was actually the title of this RDM pic lol. I hate being RDM, but their costumes are sooo drawable its nice. And they both qualify for melee and magic poses, it gives the artist a wider range of imagination for their poses.^^ I think I like the sword and shield concept which is also available for PLDs but they seem to have a more 'bulky' image so I prefer the sleek RDM over PLD if I had a choice to draw. (heh maybe its my seeker loving nature >.>;;) I still havent drawn alot but I was angry at the time of these drawings so anger helped a TON. Very interesting.

Its pretty much still hot in Hawaii, and Im missing the JP coldness. School will be starting again next spring year so still pondering if I should wait or just register now. I want to earn some money for a PC but I know that I'd have to severely limit either school or work to do this. Currently working part time at a tour company (yesh its jp!) which is, quite boring, and quite stressfull, but I've learned to do away the customers with a big smile. Hurray, I think that I get that smile from my mom lol... This is about 4 times a week so that leaves a limited time for all other things >.< Naturally being the money hungry slob that I am, I've applied for another job as a local flight stewardess, if possible to replace my current tour company. Being on airplanes at least twice a year since I was a baby, I think I know what to expect to a degree. Then again its probably only the tip of the iceberg...

So much change will be going in these couple of months for me :/ Half of me is kind of rushing myself. My B-day just passed and in a few good years I'll have a '3' in the first digit of my age D: (oh noes!) So by then I want a decent (hopefully full time) job that has the needed benefits of retirement and all that shit lol at least before I end up being age 30 leeching on my parents with a part time job still then. Well... unless I get picked up by a rich little guy as a bride. Um... yeah...*cough* sry guys, >.> ask most girls and theyll say so too, even if it IS a joke lol.

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