Monday, July 09, 2007

Back to Hawaii

....Bwaaa... I hate it there... -.- nothing exciting.
Couple years living in Japan and im back off to hawaii (hometown) with... 2 suitcases ; ; just 2. 6 huge bags of clothes went to the garbage as well as 6 big boxes filled with MIB TF collections to a friend...either that or they get thrown away too. Tho I did get 3 boxes shiped seamail, (my parents dont know!! :D lol) its helluva amount to throw away D;

I do hate it when bad things come crashing down on you all at once but currently too much stress on my parents and some other health issues left me no choice. (very)Surprisingly I think I got some stress from online gaming (pple interactions) and it hasnt left me in such a good health myself too. The past few months have been going soooo downhill, it was funny cause of the amount of cigs I would smoke. A box use to last me 3 days, then it turned to 1.5 o_o;; I used to never get stressed out but I guess living alone does weird things to you :o I should have noticed earlier but sometimes mental frustration makes you near blind. Depression. Already got a doctors appointment and I really hope medication will do me well.

I wont be getting net connection any time soon so its probably a good time to relax, seriously get things settled. ...n then find a new job in hawaii ew ><>.> for games.. >.>;;... like macros lol. I'm looking forward to pressing ONE button ONCE and swapping my whole equip set... not 2-3 and waste 5 secs and get hit in the process and die ; ; ...and I need to get my head off online games again >.>; buuut...I guess I cant help it cause theres just some things that worry me, like the game schedules. ><>.> n Daddy can recover from stroke. Dumb dad gone working again when he needs to rest -.-; ah well...
I pray theres nothing too bad that will happen when I go back FFXI. Long absence = change = change is scary ; ; God im a nerd >_>